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Accelerating new GitHub Actions workflows

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Starter Workflows

These are the workflow files for helping people get started with GitHub Actions.

Directory structure:

  • ci: solutions for Continuous Integration
  • automation: solutions for automating workflows.
  • icons: svg icons for the relevant template

Each workflow must be written in YAML and have a .yml extension. They also need a corresponding .properties.json file that contains extra metadata about the workflow (this is displayed in the GitHub.com UI).

For example: ci/python-django.yml and ci/python-django.properties.json.

Valid properties:

  • name: the name shown in onboarding
  • description: the description shown in onboarding
  • iconName: the icon name in the relevant folder, for example django should have an icon icons/django.svg. Only SVG is supported at this time
  • categories: the categories that it will be shown under


Accelerating new GitHub Actions workflows


License:MIT License