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Light and fast GitHub/GitLab alternative written in V

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GitHub/GitLab alternative written in V.


  • Light and fast
  • Minimal amount of RAM usage (works great on the cheapest $3.5 AWS Lightsail instance)
  • Easy to deploy (a single <1 MB binary that includes compiled templates)
  • Works without JavaScript
  • Detailed language stats for each directory
  • "Top files" feature to give an overview of the project

This is pre-alpha software

The V web framework and Gitly are at an early stage of development. Lots of features are missing. The biggest missing features that will be implemented soon:

  • Multiple users and multiple repos
  • git push
  • Access via ssh
  • Pull requests
sassc static/css/gitly.scss > static/css/gitly.css
v .

If you don't want to install sassc, you can simply run

curl https://gitly.org/gitly.css --output static/css/gitly.css

Required dependencies:

  • sassc

Gitly will support Postgres and MySQL in the future (once V ORM does).

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Light and fast GitHub/GitLab alternative written in V

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:V 60.8%Language:HTML 20.8%Language:SCSS 18.3%Language:Shell 0.0%