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WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge submission


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Welcome to my submission and thank you for taking your time and playing around with it! This year I decided to dive deep into Mental Health and create Big Little Feelings, a mindfulness app for kids that teaches them about different emotions they experience everyday through set of 4 different exercises. App allows them to create a unique experience by selecting their favourite emoji as an avatar (or getting a random animal emoji!) and review completed exercises in the profile screen. I do not want to spoil the fun so I am leaving the discovery of what each exercise looks like up to you :)


🕸 Big Little Feelings Xcode Playground

Yeah, that is pretty much it! I had a single goal this year - practice SwiftUI, and so I did. This submission is built 100% with SwiftUI! Code is a mess, but it serves its purpose - its (almost) a complete, working app! I am happy with the result, and I don't actually expect to win this year, I had lots of fun building it. Compared to previous years, I have spent significantly less time on it and still, thanks to SwiftUI I was able to put together fairly quickly.

Feel free to scroll through the Screenshots Issue to check out how it looks as an iPad app.


  1. Clone repository
  2. Open Playground with Xcode
  3. Have fun trying out different exerices



👨🏻‍🎓 WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge Submission

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Language:Swift 100.0%