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Jenkins plugin for emacs

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Minimalistic emacs-plugin for integration with Jenkins. Still in active development.

Installation from MELPA

This package available on MELPA.

M-x package-install RET jenkins

Installation from source

Jenkins.el is trivial and requires next steps:

  • Clone repo to your local disk
$ git clone git@github.com:rmuslimov/jenkins.el.git
  • Add jenkins.el path to your emacs path
(add-to-list 'load-path "<your local jenkins.el path>")
  • Configure next jenkins.el variables
(setq jenkins-api-token "<api token can be found on user's configure page>")
(setq jenkins-url "<jenkins url. Example: https://jenkins.company.com/ >")
(setq jenkins-username "<your user name>")
(setq jenkins-viewname "<viewname>") ;; if you're not using views skip this line

If you don’t know your API token, it’s easy to find it in jenkins user credentials page. Just visit:

Jenkins main page > People > %Select your user% > Configure > Press on "Show API Token"



Jenkins.el support using main view for user just define jenkins-viewname and it will be used as main view for jenkins.el.

Column width for main view

It’s easy to configure the width of column on main jenkins view. Just set appropiate value with M-x customize or set it manually:

$ (setq jenkins-colwidth-name 35) ;; or jenkins-colwidth-id, jenkins-colwidth-last-status

Main screen


  • See all jobs building at the moment
  • Start building job (press “b’ when positioned on target job)
  • Visiting job’s page (press “v”)
  • Enter to job screen

Job details screen


  • Same functionality as on main screen for particular job, plus latest 25 builds history.

Coming soon:

  • Separate screen for build in jenkins.el
  • Visiting build page from job screen
  • Retrieving raw console output for build



Jenkins plugin for emacs


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