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An open source pomodoro timer app created in Unity πŸ…

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Unity Pomodoro

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Unity Pomodoro is an open source countdown timer app created in Unity designed primarily for desktop use. Unity Pomodoro is a time management tool based on the pomodoro technique, the aim is to improve your productivity by introducing timers for both your work and break sessions. Quickly swap between the two timers to keep you on track and focused.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, & Linux. (Android coming soon!)

Version: 2.0.0

Author: Adrian Miasik

License: GPL-3.0

Contributor(s): -
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Latest Release - v2.0.0


Platform Specific

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Author Notes

  • Unity Pomodoro is a pet project I've been developing in my spare time - A labour of love of sorts
  • See my GitHub profile for more open source work
  • I'm also currently open for work, if you're hiring send me an email at: hire-me.76240@adrian-miasik.com
  • The svg assets have been created myself and/or sourced from The Noun Project
  • Fun fact: This was the first time I tried to do my own foley / audio
  • Special thanks to my microwave


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Contact Us / Support Line

Need help? Found a bug?
Send your questions, bug reports, and other support related inquiries to:
unity-pomodoro@adrian-miasik.com Alternatively, you can also report bugs directly to our issues page

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An open source pomodoro timer app created in Unity πŸ…

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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