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πŸ”Ί WebGPU Seed

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A WebGPU repo you can use to get started with your own renderer.


First install:

Then type the following in any terminal your such as VS Code's Integrated Terminal.

# πŸ‘ Clone the repo
git clone

# πŸ’Ώ go inside the folder
cd webgpu-seed

# πŸ”¨ Start installing dependencies, building, and running at localhost:8080
npm start

Refer to this blog post on designing web libraries and apps for more details on Node.js, packages, etc.

Project Layout

As your project becomes more complex, you'll want to separate files and organize your application to something more akin to a game or renderer, check out this post on game engine architecture and this one on real time renderer architecture for more details.

β”œβ”€ πŸ“‚ node_modules/   # πŸ‘Ά Dependencies
β”‚  β”œβ”€ πŸ“ gl-matrix      # βž• Linear Algebra
β”‚  └─ πŸ“ ...            # πŸ•š Other Dependencies (TypeScript, Webpack, etc.)
β”œβ”€ πŸ“‚ src/            # 🌟 Source Files
β”‚  β”œβ”€ πŸ“„ index.html     #  πŸ“‡ Main HTML file
β”‚  └─ πŸ“„ renderer.ts    # πŸ”Ί Triangle Renderer
β”œβ”€ πŸ“„ .gitignore      # πŸ‘οΈ Ignore certain files in git repo
β”œβ”€ πŸ“„ package.json    # πŸ“¦ Node Package File
β”œβ”€ πŸ“„      # βš–οΈ Your License (Unlicense)
└─ πŸ“ƒ        # πŸ“– Read Me!


License:The Unlicense


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