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A Simple Python Insurance Rating Engine

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A Simple Python Insurance Rating Engine. Configure your insurance rating algorithm(s), provide your rating factors, and generate insurance rates via an web UI or batch-rate a CSV. For background on insurance manuals/rating, see Chapter 2 of this Ratemaking guide (pdf) from the Casualty Actuary Society.


This project is early in development. The core functionality is working and a working demo is included, but the Flask webserver portion has not been hardened for production use. Use caution!


More detail coming soon, along with an optional Docker config for easier startup!

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. (Recommended) Initialize a virtual environment in the project root.
  3. Install dependencies (python, pip, pip install -r requirements.txt).
  4. (If not using SQLite) Install appropriate dependencies to support the SQLAlchemy connection to your database of choice (see here for direction).
  5. Configure the application's database connection: Create config.yml (using config.yml.example as a template) in aspire/app/database/ and set the appropriate connection string.


  • Batch Rating
  • Web UI for rating configuration


A Simple Python Insurance Rating Engine

License:MIT License


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