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Collection of my various auto-build Docker containers.

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This repo contains Dockerfiles for services and utilities that I frequently use via Docker. Most of these are just small services that can easily be containerized and don't need deep system access, and it's easier to run them in a container than installing them (and their dependencies) on my system directly. Combined with the Docker Hub, via docker pull, this saves me time installing these utilities on fresh systems.

A good example of this is tldr, a program that shortens manpages down to concise examples. Here is an example of it in action:

$ tldr zip

  Package and compress (archive) files into zip file.

  - Package and compress multiple directories and files:
    zip -r compressed.zip /path/to/dir1 /path/to/dir2 /path/to/file

  - Add files to an existing zip file:
    zip compressed.zip path/to/file

  - Remove unwanted files from an existing zip file:
    zip -d compressed.zip "foo/*.tmp"

  - Exclude unwanted files from being added to the compressed archive:
    zip -r compressed.zip path/to/dir -x \*.git\* \*node_modules\* ...

It is a Node program, which means to run it on a fresh system, you need to install Node, and then install it via npm.

However, turning this into a Docker container means that the following command will work on any system with Docker installed:

docker run --rm mikehearn/tldr

From there, simply aliasing tldr to this command means you never have to worry about installing it again. It works on all machines with Docker installed.

alias tldr="docker run --rm mikehearn/tldr"


Collection of my various auto-build Docker containers.