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Generate and Preview Passbook Passes

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Note: This project is no longer being maintained.

Passbook is an iOS 6 feature that manages boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, & loyalty cards. Using the PassKit API, developers can register web services to automatically update content on the pass, such as gate changes on a boarding pass, or adding credit to a loyalty card.

Dubai makes it easy to generate .pkpass from a script or the command line, allowing you to rapidly iterate on the design and content of your passes, or generate one-offs on the fly.

Dubai is named for Dubai, UAE, a center of commerce and trade (and as Dave Rupert was all-too-eager to point out, an unfortunate pun on "Do Buy!").


$ gem install dubai


require 'dubai'

Dubai::Passbook.certificate, Dubai::Passbook.password = "/path/to/certificate.p12", "..."

# Example.pass is a directory with files "pass.json", "icon.png" & "icon@2x.png""Example.pkpass", 'w') do |f|

Command Line Interface

Dubai also comes with the pk binary, which provides a convenient way to generate and preview passes

$ pk generate Example.pass -T boarding-pass

Dubai comes with templates for all of the different Passbook layouts:

  • boarding-pass
  • coupon
  • event-ticket
  • store-card
  • generic

Build a .pkpass file (which can previewed with a drag-and-drop onto the iOS Simulator):

$ pk build Example.pass -c /path/to/certificate.p12

...or serve them from a webserver (which can be previewed by visiting the address on a device or the simulator):

$ pk serve Example.pass -c /path/to/certificate.p12
$ open http://localhost:4567/pass.pkpass

Specify a -H / --host option to bind the server to a particular host. Binding on will listen for all incoming connections on the local network, such as an iPhone or iPad:

$ pk serve Example.pass -H


Dubai is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Generate and Preview Passbook Passes

License:MIT License


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