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Ping search engines after deployments with Github actions

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Sitemap Ping GitHub Action

This actions automatically pings search engines to notify them that your site has changed. For example, after deploying your static site you may want to notify search engines that it's been updated.

Supported Search Engines

  • Google
  • Bing

Feel free to PR more.

Using the action

In your workflow definition file, add the following step. This should be after you've deployed your site. You'll need to add the SITEMAP_URL secret in the repo's secrets management as well (or you could hardcode it in the pipeline).

# .github/workflows/workflow.yml
            - actions/checkout@v1
            - run: deploy # Deploy your site
            - uses: atymic/sitemap-ping-action@master
                  sitemap-url: ${{ secrets.SITEMAP_URL }}
            - ... other steps


Javascript Actions Documentation:

  • Fork/Clone the repo.
  • Run yarn install to fetch dependencies
  • Make changes
  • Update the README with any changes (if required)
  • Create a PR without building the code (it's too hard to review the compiled code. I'll compile it before releasing)


Code released under the MIT license.


Ping search engines after deployments with Github actions

License:MIT License


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