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Sentry SDK for Unity3d

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Using Sentry in Unity


In order to make Sentry work, you need to add SentrySdk component to any GameObject that is in the first loaded scene of the game.

You can also add it programatically. There can only be one SentrySdk in your whole project. To add it programatically do:

var sentry = myGameObject.AddComponent(typeof(SentrySdk)) as SentrySdk;
sentry.dsn = "__YOUR_DSN__";

The SDK needs to know which project within Sentry your errors should go to. That's defined via the DSN. DSN is the only obligatory parameter on SentrySdk object.

This is enough to capture automatic traceback events from the game. They will be sent to your DSN and you can find them at


There is an example scene in the Sentry asset. It has two components - SentrySdk and SentryTest. SentryTest is a component that handles button presses to crash or fail assert. SentrySdk is the main component that you have to use in your own project.


The basic API is automatic collection of test failures, so it should mostly run headless. There are two important APIs that are worth considering.

  • collecting breadcrumbs


    will collect a breadcrumb.

  • sending messages


    would send a message to Sentry.

Unity version

The lowest required version is Unity 5.6. Previous versions might work but were not tested and will not be supported.



Sentry SDK for Unity3d

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