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An atomic design toolkit for pragmatists

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An atomic design toolkit for pragmatists
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a17t is available on NPM, and can be installed with npm install a17t and imported into your JS using PostCSS with import 'a17t'. For more information, check out the documentation site. A CDN import is available.


Build beautiful, unique interfaces without reinventing the wheel. Let a17t provide the core building blocks, then customize with ease.

<article class="card ~positive !high">
  <!-- ~positive is for tone; !high is for priority -->
  You're using a17t to build a beautiful interface.
  <button class="button">Let's go!</button>

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Some CSS frameworks come prepackaged with all sorts of components that are convenient at first but quickly become limiting. Utility frameworks like Tailwind are awesome, but can be difficult start using on their own.

a17t tries to get the balance right. Instead of providing all-inclusive, opinionated components (like jumbotrons, navbars, and menus), a17t provides common single-class elements in a default (but easily customizable) style.

Using a17t with Tailwind CSS is recommended! While a17t can be used without Tailwind, they go very well together: you can use a17t for your atomic interface elements, and then stitch them together using Tailwind. You'll need to write very little custom CSS, if any.

Getting Started

Want to jump right in? Check out the documentation site to get started. Here are links to some popular elements:

  • Buttons available here.
  • Cards available here.
  • Fields available here.
  • Content available here.


a17t loves documentation. There's nearly 100% documentation coverage! View it online or in the docs folder.

a17t was created by Miles McCain at the Recurse Center.


An atomic design toolkit for pragmatists

License:MIT License


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