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Micro is a Go implementation of the language covered in the book Crafting A Compiler With C.

It has the following features/limitations:

  • The only supported type is an integer, which is represented as a literal containing a string of digits.
  • Identifiers can be assigned, which have a max of 32 characters. Identifiers must start with a letter, and may be followed by letters, digits, and underscores.
  • Comments start with -- and run until the end of the line.
  • Assignments are done in the format identifier := expression;.
  • Expressions are constructed with a combination of identifiers, literals, and the operators + and -, parenthesis are also allowed.
  • I/O can be done with read and write.
  • The program must begin with begin and end with end.
  • Each statement must end with a semicolon.
  • Tokens may not run across line bounderies.


License:MIT License


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