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LaraSail - Set Sail with your Laravel app on DigitalOcean

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LaraSail is a CLI tool for Laravel to help you Sail the Servers of the DigitalOcean

You'll need a DigitalOcean Account before getting started (Signup here), then you'll need to create a New Droplet. Make sure to select Ubuntu Server:


SSH into your server and run the following command:

curl -sL | tar xz && source larasail-master/install

You can make sure it's installed by running

larasail -h

Setup Your Laravel Server

larasail setup

The default configuration will install Nginx, PHP 7.4, and MySQL 5.7. If you wish to use PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, or PHP 7.3, you can include the argument php71/php72/php73 like so:

larasail setup php71 # Install with PHP 7.1
larasail setup php72 # Install with PHP 7.2
larasail setup php73 # Install with PHP 7.3

Creating a New Site

You can now Clone a Repo or Create a New Laravel app within the /var/www folder:

cd /var/www && laravel new mywebsite

Then, you'll need to setup a new Nginx Host by running:

larasail host /var/www/mywebsite

larasail host accepts 2 parameters:

  1. Your website domain (
  2. The location of the files for your site (/var/www/website/public)

Finally, point your Domain to the IP address of your new server... And Wallah, you're ready to rock 🤘 with your new Laravel website.


When installing and setting up Larasail there are 2 passwords that are randomly generated.

  1. The password for the new larasail user created on the server.
  2. The default MySQL password

To get the larasail user password you can type in the following command:

larasail pass

And the password for the larasail user will be displayed. Next, to get the default MySQL root password you can type the following command:

larasail mysqlpass

And the MySQL root password will be displayed.

Switching to Larasail user

When you SSH into your server you may want to Switch Users back to the larasail user, You can do so with the following command:

su - larasail

Make sure to star this repo and watch this repo for future updates. Thanks for checking out Larasail

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LaraSail - Set Sail with your Laravel app on DigitalOcean


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