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iOS Sample Applications for Okta

This repository contains several sample applications that show you how to integrate various Okta use-cases into your iOS application.

Please find the sample that fits your use-case from the table below.

Sample Description Use-Case
Browser Sign In An application that integrates OktaAuth SDK to perform authorization. Authorization performed by redirecting from native app to browser.
Custom Sign In An application that integrates OktaAuth Swift SDK to perform authorization. An application that adopts native authorization to take control over authorization flow and/or provide custom UI.
Biometric Storage An application that shows how to securely store access and refresh tokens. An application that shows you how to use the Okta Auth to adopt Okta Authentication flow in your app as well as saving sensitive data behind biometric factor.
TOTP Generator A sample application that generates TOTP tokens. An application that shows how developer can build their own Google Authenticator clone for their brand.




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