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Objective-C class to calculate Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight times.

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Objective-C class to calculate Sunrise, Sunset, and Twilight times based on the user's current location and time zone.

EDSunriseSet is an Objective-C wrapper for the C languages routines created by Paul Schlyter. Calculation is done entirely by the C-code routines. EDSunrisetSet bridges those calculations to common cocoa classes like NSDate and NSTimeZone.


  • Calculates Sunrise and Sunset times
  • Calculates Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical twilight
  • Times are calculated based on the provided timezone, latitute, and longitude


API has changed in version 2.0. If you want the old version, go to 1.0.

In order to use the class, just use this initializer:

-(EDSunriseSet)initWithDate:(NSDate*)date timezone:(NSTimeZone*)timezone latitude:(double)latitude longitude:(double)longitude 

or you can use the class convience method:

-(EDSunriseSet*)sunrisesetWithDate:(NSDate*)date timezone:(NSTimeZone*)timezone latitude:(double)latitude longitude:(double)longitude

This method returns an EDSunriseSet object which can be used to access the following NSDateComponents each containing a date, hour, minute, and second:

  • The local sunrise time, localSunrise
  • The local sunset time, localSunset
  • The time when civil twilight (when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon) begins and ends, localCivilTwilightStart and localCivilTwilightEnd
  • The time when nautical twilight (when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon) begins and ends, localNauticalCivilTwilightStart and localNauticalCivilTwilightEnd
  • The time when astronomical twilight (when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon) begins and ends, localAstronomicalTwilightStart and localAstronomicalTwilightEnd

You may also access NSDate proprties on EDSunriseSet which provides a read-only value of the date for the specified property. These properties include sunrise and sunset among others.


EDSunriseSet license is MIT based. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.


Objective-C class to calculate Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight times.



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