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Specifying match_org and match_repo prompts for user input

jrtibbetts opened this issue · comments

Running the git_action() fails in my GitHub Action because it's prompting for user input:

[15:03:42]: Driving the lane 'ios beta' 🚀
[15:03:42]: ---------------------------
[15:03:42]: --- Step: github_action ---
[15:03:42]: ---------------------------
[15:03:42]: The github_actions plugin is working!
[15:03:44]: Deploy Key for the match repo already exists... Delete it?
[15:03:44]: Could not retrieve response as fastlane runs in non-interactive mode

Relevant part of my Fastfile:


platform :ios do
  desc "Push a new beta build to TestFlight"
  lane :beta do

      api_token: "*****",
      org: "some-org",
      repo: "some-repo",
      match_org: "some-org",
      match_repo: "match-repo"

Is there an read-only option, or some other way to force it to delete the key or not?

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