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Release new version on RubyGems?

lazerwalker opened this issue · comments



I'm using this plugin in a way that requires version 1.1.0.

However, the latest version on (and hence the version installed by running fastlane add_plugin github_action is 1.0.0.

I was able to work around this by specifying a git repo for the plugin in my Pluginfile, but it would be nice (and presumably useful for other folks) if a new version was pushed to Rubygems.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with that! I assume the answer is no, but happy to lend time on the off-chance that's not the case.


@joshdholtz wanted to nudge this again, on the off-chance you're active enough with this project to be willing to cut a new build! An OSS project I help is relying on this project as part of its setup instructions, so a large number of people are now setting up GH Actions workflows that have to manually point to the git repo instead of Rubygems, which technically works but is less than ideal.

Again, happy to help if there are ways I can minimize the load.

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