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Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift)

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Awesome Cache

Carthage compatible

Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift). Backed by NSCache for maximum performance and support for expiry of single objects.


let cache = Cache<NSString>(name: "awesomeCache")

cache["name"] = "Alex"
let name = cache["name"]
cache["name"] = nil

Cache expiry

Objects can also be cached for a certain period of time.

cache.setObject("Alex", forKey: "name", expires: .Never) // same as cache["name"] = "Alex"
cache.setObject("Alex", forKey: "name", expires: .Seconds(2)) // name expires in 2 seconds
cache.setObject("Alex", forKey: "name", expires: .Date(NSDate(timeIntervalSince1970: 1428364800))) // name expires on 4th of July 2015

If an object is accessed after its expiry date, it is automatically removed from the cache and deleted from disk. However, you are responsible to delete expired objects regularily by calling removeExpiredObjects (e.g. on app launch).

Awesome API Caching

API responses are usually cached for a specific period of time. AwesomeCache provides an easy method to cache a block of asynchronous tasks.

cache.setObjectForKey("name", cacheBlock: { success, failure in
  // Perform tasks, e.g. call an API
  let response = ...

  success(response, .Seconds(300)) // Cache response for 5 minutes
  // ... or failure(error)
}, completion: { object, isLoadedFromCache, error in
	if object {
	 	// object is now cached

If the cache already contains an object, the completion block is called with the cached object immediately.

If no object is found or the cached object is already expired, the cacheBlock is called. You may perform any tasks (e.g. network calls) within this block. Upon completion of these tasks, make sure to call the success or failure block that is passed to the cacheBlock. The cacheBlock will not be re-evaluated until the object is expired or manually deleted.

The completion block is invoked as soon as the cacheBlock is finished and the object is cached.


The master branch of AwesomeCache is ready for swift 1.2. In case you are still on 1.1, please refer to the swift-1.1 tag.


Add the following line to your Cartfile.

github "aschuch/AwesomeCache"

Then run carthage update.


NOTE: Cocoapods does not officially support Swift projects yet. Make sure you have Cocoapods 0.36 beta installed by running gem install cocoapods --pre.

Add the following line to your Podfile.

pod "AwesomeCache", "~> 1.0"

Then run pod install with Cocoapods 0.36 or newer.


Just drag and drop the two .swift files in the AwesomeCache folder into your project.


Open the Xcode project and press ⌘-U to run the tests.

Alternatively, all tests can be run in the terminal using xctool.

xctool -scheme AwesomeCacheTests -sdk iphonesimulator test


  • Create something awesome, make the code better, add some functionality, whatever (this is the hardest part).
  • Fork it
  • Create new branch to make your changes
  • Commit all your changes to your branch
  • Submit a pull request


Feel free to get in touch.

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Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift)

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