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Arelle open source XBRL platform

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Arelle is a project to provide an easy to use open source facility for XBRL.

The intent began to meet needs that are not commercially viable, such as to support under-development extension modules and test suite facilities, in a compact framework, and to support academic training and projects.


  • Support for XBRL versioning. Validation tool for versioning reports and a production tool to generate the basics of a versioning report that can be inferred by diffing two DTSes.
  • Edgar and Global Filer Manual validation
  • Base Specification, Dimensions, Generic linkbase validation
  • Formula validation including support for extension modules
  • Instance creation is supported using forms defined by the table linkbase (Eurofiling verison).
  • RSS Watch facility
  • Users can explore the functionality and features from an interactive GUI, command line interface, or web services, and can develop their own controller interfaces as needed.
  • The Web Service API allows XBRL integration with applications, such as those in Excel, Java or Oracle.
  • QuickBooks is supported by XBRL-GL.


Arelle fully integrates test cases with the object models for XBRL instances and DTSes.

This allows continual verification of tool performance as it is extended and adapted by its users.


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Arelle open source XBRL platform

License:Apache License 2.0