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ESPHome Project Template

This repo serves as a template for creating a new ESPHome project.

It includes a GitHub workflow that will automatically build the configuration(s) and then deploys a simple website via GitHub pages that utilises ESP Web Tools for users to easily install your project onto their device.


  1. Use this repo template to generate your own repository.
  2. Clone your new repository.
  3. Replace the project-template-....yaml files with your own YAML configuration(s).
  4. a. Update .github/workflows/publish.yml to contain your own YAML config filename(s). b. Update .github/workflows/ci.yml to contain your own YAML config filename(s).
  5. Update static/_config.yml to change the title, description and basic theme of the generated website.
  6. Add more content to the static/ file to explain your project. Make sure to leave the installation code tags in place so users get the install button.
  7. Push your changes to the repository and GitHub Actions will automatically build and deploy your project.
  8. Go to the repository setting to enable Pages.