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🌞 Solax Inverter API Wrapper

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Read energy usage data from the real-time API on Solax solar inverters.

  • Real time power, current and voltage
  • Grid power information
  • Battery level
  • Temperature and inverter health
  • Daily/Total energy summaries


pip install solax

Then from within your project:

import solax
import asyncio

async def work():
    r = await solax.real_time_api('')
    return await r.get_data()

loop = asyncio.new_event_loop()
data = loop.run_until_complete(work())

Confirmed Supported Inverters

These inverters have been tested and confirmed to be working. If your inverter is not listed below, this library may still work- please create an issue so we can add your inverter to the list 😊.

  • SK-TL5000E
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🌞 Solax Inverter API Wrapper

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