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This is the repository for the front-end of the NZ COVID Tracer app.

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This is the repository for the NZ COVID Tracer app.

NZ COVID Tracer is a Ministry of Health app that allows you to create a digital diary of places you visit by scanning the official QR codes. This gives contact tracers a headstart with identifying anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 so we can quickly break the chain of transmission.

You can download the app for:


We are not currently accepting issue reports or pull requests on GitHub.

Development setup


  1. yarn
  2. XCode / Android Studio
  3. cocoapods
  4. prettier extension (latest version) installed on code editor (preferably VSCode)
  5. Javac version 1.8 (check by javac -version)

Env variables

This project uses react-native-config
To create a env file, run cp .env.example .env

Generating an encryption key for Realm Db (Optional)

Generate 64 random bytes, copy the bytes in hexadeicmal format Go to Binary to Base64, choose Hexadecimal format and convert it to text Go to .env file, configure DbEncryptionKey with the key


Keep the below changes in your local dev only. Do not push it in the branch.

  • Create a .env file in the root directory and insert the correct variables as shown in the example env file.
  • Insert the correct serects in the scripts/inject-secrets bash file.
  • sh scripts/ .
  • yarn install
  • cd ios
  • bundle exec pod install
  • cd ../

Run the app

yarn install
yarn ios --scheme 'UniteAppRN-ENF'

Known issues

  • If you have linking issues for Xcode 12 and above, please fix them by the file reference workaround.
  • Ensure that the versions match.
    • javac -version --> 1.8 (important).
    • node -v --> currently @ 14.16.1.
  • Cannot find default.realm on running Jest
    • Delete default.realm.lock file from root and try again.
  • Snapshot testing failing as it cannot match.
    • Update the snapshot tests by running yarn test -u

E2E tests

End to end tests are implemented with cavy

Start the app for e.g. yarn ios, and make sure both the app and the bundler are running Start the test server yarn e2e:dev Tests should now be running at every reload See tests under ./specs

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This is the repository for the front-end of the NZ COVID Tracer app.



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