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Stream server (serial-to-wifi bridge) for ESPHome

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Stream server for ESPHome

Custom component for ESPHome to expose a UART stream over WiFi or Ethernet. Can be used as a serial-to-wifi bridge as known from ESPLink or ser2net by using ESPHome.

This component creates a TCP server listening on port 6638 (by default), and relays all data between the connected clients and the serial port. It doesn't support any control sequences, telnet options or RFC 2217, just raw data.


Requires ESPHome v1.18.0 or higher.

  - source: github://oxan/esphome-stream-server


You can set the UART ID and port to be used under the stream_server component.

   id: uart_bus
   # add further configuration for the UART here

   uart_id: uart_bus
   port: 1234
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Stream server (serial-to-wifi bridge) for ESPHome


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