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Worse versions of packages that already exist

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Worse versions of packages that already exist.


Just the consts.

minimal/flag GoDoc

Package flag provides a very minimal command line flag parser. Both short flags (-s) and long flags (--long) are supported. Short flags can be chained (-xvzf) and "--" is treated as the end of flags marker. Boolean and integer values have first-class support; strings values are intended to serve as a catch-all for anything else.

minimal/gitignore GoDoc

Package gitignore can be used to parse .gitignore-style files into globs that can be used to test against a certain string or selectively walk a file tree. Gobwas's glob package is used for matching because it is faster than using regexp, which is overkill, and supports globstars (**), unlike filepath.Match.

minimal/replaceright GoDoc

Package replaceright provides similar functionality to some of the standard library string replacement routines except they start from the right. Uses Boyer-Moore on longer strings.

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Worse versions of packages that already exist

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