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BranchColor value on config behaves not consistant

LenglBoy opened this issue · comments

Describe the bug
Adjusting the branch colors on the UI needs to take RGB values while some other places can take RGB values or named colors like 'blue'. A consistent behavior that allows both (color and RGB) would be nice.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open the config file
  2. Edit the branch coloring settings (ui:branchColors:)
  3. Put down a color name instead RGB like red or 'red' (both tested)
  4. Open LazyGit and see that all matching branches are shown black colored (fallback)

Expected behavior
Branches that match the pattern should be colored correctly..

See that names are black no matter which red/'red' i noted down.For main the RGB code works.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Manjaro
  • Lazygit Version 0.34 (latest - 13.6.2022)

Lazygit Version 0.34 (latest - 13.6.2022)

Does that mean you've built from sources or?

Because if it doesn't, could you try building master? I cannot reproduce the issue there, while I can on v0.34.

I've used the version published to the ARCH community repo 0.34-2 which is exactly the master version.

It is not the master version, though, it's about two months old.

I'd suggest you try building it yourself or installing lazygit-git from the AUR.

@LenglBoy version v0.35 was released in the meantime, does the issue still occur?

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