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errors errorString gio unhandled panic

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I'm just following orders from lazygit.

2022/06/04 10:50:29 An error occurred! Please create an issue at:

*errors.errorString gio: file:///somefilethatdoesntmatter/handlers.go:218: Error when getting information for file “/home/guillem/somefilethatdoesntmatter/handlers.go:218”: No such file or directory

/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8fbf7b)
        sanitisedCommandOutput: return outputString, errors.New(outputString)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8fb94a)
        (*cmdObjRunner).RunWithOutput: output, err := sanitisedCommandOutput(cmdObj.GetCmd().CombinedOutput())
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8fb725)
        (*cmdObjRunner).Run: _, err := self.RunWithOutput(cmdObj)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8faa6f)
        (*CmdObj).Run: return self.runner.Run(self)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8fd495)
        (*OSCommand).OpenFile: return c.Cmd.NewShell(command).Run()
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9a51e5)
        (*Gui).handleOpenFileAtLine.func1: if err := gui.OSCommand.OpenFile(filenameWithLineNum); err != nil {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9a57b6)
        (*Gui).withLBLActiveCheck: return f(state)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9a4f95)
        (*Gui).handleOpenFileAtLine: return gui.withLBLActiveCheck(func(state *LblPanelState) error {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9a247b)
        (*Gui).keybindings.func2: return f()
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8e11d9)
        (*Gui).execKeybinding: if err := kb.handler(g, v); err != nil {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8e0f30)
        (*Gui).execKeybindings: return g.execKeybinding(v, kb)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8e077e)
        (*Gui).onKey: _, err := g.execKeybindings(g.currentView, ev)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8def85)
        (*Gui).handleEvent: return g.onKey(ev)
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8debc5)
        (*Gui).MainLoop: if err := g.handleEvent(&ev); err != nil {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x988d1a)
        (*Gui).Run: err = g.MainLoop()
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x989054)
        (*Gui).RunAndHandleError.func1: if err := gui.Run(); err != nil {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x8ec867)
        SafeWithError: err := f()
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x988fe7)
        (*Gui).RunAndHandleError: return utils.SafeWithError(func() error {
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9d5945)
        (*App).Run: err := app.Gui.RunAndHandleError()
/home/guillem/go/pkg/mod/ (0x9d701d)
        main: err = app.Run()
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:250 (0x437f32)
        main: fn()
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1571 (0x465801)
        goexit: BYTE    $0x90   // NOP

lazygit --version
commit=, build date=, build source=unknown, version=unversioned, os=linux, arch=amd64

Feel free to close this if it was already solved.

Thanks for the utility!

Does it happen consistently? Is it reproducible?

I've stumbled upon few crashes myself, but can't quite nail a minimal reproducible example.

solved in cd31a76

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