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Edit the highlighted line in the diff with Kakoune

JacobTravers opened this issue · comments

Sometimes I read a diff and spot an error. I would like to be able to highlight that error in the diff view, and then press e to open the editor at that specific line of the file.

Most editors support this passing in the line number as an additional argument prefixed with + for example:

$EDITOR "$file_name" +"$line_number"

Could you try updating? That feature is in master for quite a while now.

Which editor are you using? It should work for nano, emacs, vi, vim, neovim, sublime and vscode.

Ahh I see the issue here, I am using kakoune or kak

This part of the docs might of help, then:

You can specify a line number you are currently at when in the line-by-line mode.

  editCommand: 'vim'
  editCommandTemplate: '{{editor}} +{{line}} -- {{filename}}'

Thank you very much for the help! I should have looked into this more, closing this issue out.

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