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Customize level for expandFocusedSidePanel

c02y opened this issue · comments


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I set expandFocusedSidePanel = true in my config.yml, but the room for expandFocusedSidePane is still too small.

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Minimize all the other side panels (like Status side panel), make room for focused side panel as much as possible, or provide a value such as expandFocusedSidePaneHeight for users, just like sidePanelWidth.

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I can get what I need Minimize all the other side panels by modify

} else if height >= 28 {
accordionMode := gui.c.UserConfig.Gui.ExpandFocusedSidePanel
accordionBox := func(defaultBox *boxlayout.Box) *boxlayout.Box {
if accordionMode && defaultBox.Window == currentWindow {
return &boxlayout.Box{
Window: defaultBox.Window,
Weight: 2,

Simply changing Weight: 2, into something like Weight: 100,, the layout will be:



But I believe it is just a bigger fixed value which is definitely a stupid solution, a variable like expandFocusedSidePaneHeight which is a percentage would be perfect.

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