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Arm build not working anymore

jwesemann opened this issue · comments

Describe the bug
Following the build instructions directly from the git-repo as described in Readme.MD -> Docker -> "Click if you have an ARM device" fails on rapsberry pi with error message

Sending build context to Docker daemon 11.22MB Step 1/29 : ARG BASE_IMAGE_BUILDER=golang Step 2/29 : ARG ALPINE_VERSION=3.10 Step 3/29 : ARG GO_VERSION=1.18 Step 4/29 : FROM ${BASE_IMAGE_BUILDER}:${GO_VERSION}-alpine${ALPINE_VERSION} AS builder manifest for arm64v8/golang:1.18-alpine3.10 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start command as described in Rademe.MD docker build -t lazyteam/lazydocker \ --build-arg BASE_IMAGE_BUILDER=arm64v8/golang \ --build-arg GOARCH=arm64 \
  2. build starts successfully for steps 1-3
  3. build fails at step 4
  4. See error above in "bug description"

Expected behaviour
docker build command to run successfully and creating a new local docker image

console content provided in bug dexcription

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Raspberry Pi OS V11 (Bullseye) most current version as of 20220509
  • Lazydocker Version [e.g. v0.17.1.]
  • build directly from git-repo no local clone

Additional context

hmm looks like there's no docker image for go 1.18 yet?

hmm looks like there's no docker image for go 1.18 yet?

There is one, but not for alpine 3.10, it will have to be updated to 3.15.

Thanks, I'll fix that up now

Should be good now, could you confirm @paper42 @jwesemann ?

Should be good now, could you confirm @paper42 @jwesemann ?

Confirmed, thx for the quick reply and fix

No worries :) closing

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