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`asdf install latest` does not work because there is no 0.13 release on github

jnovek opened this issue · comments

When I attempt to install lazydocker 0.13 using asdf-vm the URL returns a 404.

I'm on Ubuntu 21.04 attempting to install lazydocker 0.13 via asdf.

This should be easy to resolve by doing a github release for 0.13.

To Reproduce:
Install using "0.13" or "latest" using asdf on command line.

If you've already attempted to install 0.13, asdf additionally complains that the directory already exists.

user@computer ~/ -> asdf install lazydocker 0.13
## Installing via "latest" breaks, too
## user@computer ~/ -> asdf install lazydocker latest
dir: cannot create directory ‘/home/jnovek/.asdf/downloads/lazydocker/0.13’: File exists
* Downloading lazydocker release 0.13... 
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 
asdf-lazydocker: Could not download
asdf-lazydocker: Expected /home/user/.asdf/installs/lazydocker/0.13/bin/lazydocker to be executable.
asdf-lazydocker: An error ocurred while installing lazydocker 0.13.

Installing 0.12 via asdf still works fine.

user@computer ~/ -> asdf install lazydocker 0.12
* Downloading lazydocker release 0.12...
lazydocker 0.12 installation was successful!
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