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Change Actively Selected Line Color

typkrft opened this issue · comments

Is it possible to change the color of the actively selected line. It's extremely hard to see. I looked through the dock for color/text/line and other keywords to see if I could find anything, but did not. It's possible I missed something so I thought I'd post here instead of filing an bug/feature.

Thanks for the great software!

Picture for reference.
Default Settings, Dracula theme in kitty.
Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 7 11 11 PM

I also have the same problem with Nord Theme, and therefore, not usable. It is also discussed in the issue #243.

I wasn't able to find the code section where the selection color is applied. Does this depends from another library ?

By the way, I've just forked the repo to add this option.

More info here #243 (comment)

I'm also using Kitty terminal. With the Tokyo Night theme. For me it's also impossible to tell which line is selected.

Edit: For the Kitty users having this problem, I just realized that because I was specifying the font style in my config, applications were not able to specify font or italics.

Change (for example)
font_family Berkeley Mono Regular
font_family Berkeley Mono

And Lazydocker should be able to display bold text as expected.

This is a solved problem in lazygit so implementing here should just be a matter of copy+pasting code (or perhaps extracting common code into a shared package).

If you look in pkg/theme/theme.go in that's a good starting point.

HI - I'm using WSL2, with the Windows terminal and I can't see any line highlighted... so would love to see this

Hey @mbwhite can you try setting intenseTextStyle to bold or all in your WSL2 profiles list.


It might complain about it not being a valid property in VSCode but it works for me and fixes the issue with lazygit / lazydocker in Windows Terminal Preview. I am not sure if this property has been brought into Windows Terminal default yet.


This is the issue where I found the solution:


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