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[Feature Request] Creating a seperate context to display just environment variables in the container panel

glendsoza opened this issue · comments

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Usually, applications running inside the docker container are configured using environment variables, hence I usually find myself checking environment variables set in the container

Currently, if I want to see environment variables for a container I need to go to the Config section and looks for Env section

It would be great if there is a separate tab where I can just view the Environment variables

Describe the solution you'd like

Something like this


Describe alternatives you've considered

Additional context

With some code changes, I was able to implement this feature (as shown in the screenshot above), if this gets approved would be glad to create the PR!

I'm on board with this idea. Happy to review a PR :)

Here is the PR #295, please let me know your thoughts on this

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