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[Feature request] Info how to detach from previously attached container

Mayurifag opened this issue · comments

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
It seems, project has no info or way to detach from container. It's always frustrates me, how am I attaching to container, do things I want to and... How should I quit? Whats the hotkey? Where may I find it? How to google that?

I'm doing CTRL+C now, and obviously that stops the container. Now I need to return to lazydocker, restart via r the container and, sometimes, I need some time to restore the condition my container was.

Other way is make another tab in terminal. I don't like that, for sure.

Describe the solution you'd like
I wish the project's to point the hotkey how to detach from container and return to lazydocker.

Furthermore, there is yet-another solution, which seems more user-and-its-mind-friendly — after attaching to container we should see not only the command lazydocker launched to get us to the container (I mean, i.e. docker attach --sig-proxy=false as1sd12.....adfa30143), [which seems to be useless by itself as for me] but also the information with hotkey how to exit the container somewhere (near the text with docker attach ... we might see Detach from container: CTRL+D).


Hey I'm wondering the same, any advice would be helpful


I found actually #116

There are sequence of hotkeys: ctrl-p ctrl-q

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