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less/vim key shortcuts for nagivation of logs [feature request]

miki725 opened this issue · comments

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
not a problem. just a feature request

Describe the solution you'd like
Currently I dont see any way to navigate logs efficiently except up/down keys or ctrl+[d/u] for line by line scrolling. This would be very useful when looking at noisy containers and need to navigate quickly in logs. Would be nice to implement similar navigation keys navigation to less or vim in lazydocker. something like:

  • ctrl-[d/u] (down/up) for scrolling half screen
  • ctrl-[f/b] (forward/back) for scrolling full screen
  • G scrolling to bottom
  • gg for scrolling to top

Describe alternatives you've considered
As long as more efficient scrolling is possible, dont think key mapping is that important. Im sure there are alternative key schemes which people might prefer but something like less is probably common enough for other people to be familiar with

Additional context
This would be great for noisy containers

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