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Apple Silicon support?

cap10morgan opened this issue · comments

Any chance of an Apple Silicon (i.e. Darwin arm64) build? Thanks, looks cool!

I was able to successfully install the core version via

> brew install lazydocker

@brapaport Then you installed it in a Rosetta 2 homebrew environment. :) Nothing wrong with that, but it's not what this issue is about.

UPDATE: Apologies to @brapaport! Surprisingly the core homebrew (what you meant by "core version" I assume) does have an arm64 build available and it works.

So I guess this issue is about putting that build into the tap and the releases page here so it's easier to find and gets updated more often.

Thanks @brapaport!

For reference, I was using the terms used in the README:

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 12 19 53 PM


+1 on this one! Also for the ones of us that does not use brew :)

Yes pls update

latest release has darwin arm64 so I'll close this off :)

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