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Split your file into encrypted fragments so that you don't need to remember a passcode

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Pieces are larger than the original

hawicz opened this issue · comments

One of the properties described at is that SSS is "Minimal: The size of each piece does not exceed the size of the original data."
However, looking at the examples, each piece is 2.23 KB, larger than the original 1.75 KB.
Is that discrepancy an indication of a bug somewhere?

There's a ~350 byte message on each file explaining what it is and where to get the decompiler, which would increase 1.75 KB to 2 KB


-- HEADER --
-- BODY --

Oh, right, I wasn't expecting a few lines of text to add up quite so quickly.
Stripping that off I end up with a file that's the same size as the input.

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