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Blazing πŸ’₯ fast terminal-ui for git written in rust πŸ¦€

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Blazing fast terminal client for git written in Rust


  • Fast and intuitive keyboard only control
  • Context based help (no need to memorize tons of hot-keys)
  • Inspect, commit, and amend changes (incl. hooks: commit-msg/post-commit)
  • Stage, unstage, revert and reset files and hunks
  • Stashing (save, apply, drop, and inspect)
  • Browse commit log, diff committed changes
  • Scalable terminal UI layout
  • Async input polling
  • Async git API for fluid control


For a RustBerlin meetup presentation (slides) I compared lazygit,tig and gitui by parsing the entire Linux git repository (which contains over 900k commits):

Time Memory (GB) Binary (MB) Freezes Crashes
gitui 24 s βœ… 0.17 βœ… 1.4 No βœ… No βœ…
lazygit 57 s 2.6 16 Yes Sometimes
tig 4 m 20 s 1.3 0.6 βœ… Sometimes No βœ…


I do most of my git usage in a terminal but I frequently found myself using git UIs for some use cases like: index, commit, diff, stash and log.

Over the last 2 years my go-to GUI tool for this was fork because it was snappy, free, and not bloated. Unfortunately the free part will change soon and so I decided to build a fast and simple terminal tool myself to help do features I use the most.

Known Limitations

Currently, this tool does not fully substitute the git shell, however both tools work well in tandem.

gitui currently lacks essential features in git like push, pull, and checkout. The priorities are the basics (add, commit), and on features that are making me mad when done on the git shell, like stashes and hunks. Eventually, I will be able to work on features that could lead to making gitui a one stop solution to get rid of the shell entirely - but for that I need help - this is just a spare time project right now.

All support is welcomed! Sponsors as well! ❀️


For the time being this product is in alpha and is not considered production ready. However, for personal use it is reasonably stable and is being used while developing itself.

Arch Linux

There is an AUR package for gitui:

git clone
cd gitui
makepkg -si


sudo dnf install gitui

Homebrew (macOS)

brew install gitui

Release Binaries

Available for download in releases

Binaries available for:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows



Cargo Install

The simplest way to start playing around with gitui is to have cargo build and install it with cargo install gitui


To run with logging enabled run gitui -l.

This will log to:

  • macOS: $HOME/Library/Caches/gitui/gitui.log
  • Linux using XDG: $XDG_CACHE_HOME/gitui/gitui.log
  • Linux: $HOME/.cache/gitui/gitui.log

Color Theme

gitui should automatically work on both light and dark terminal themes.

However, you can customize everything to your liking: See Themes.


  • lazygit
  • tig
  • GitUp
    • It would be nice to come up with a way to have the map view available in a terminal tool
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Blazing πŸ’₯ fast terminal-ui for git written in rust πŸ¦€

License:MIT License


Language:Rust 99.7%Language:Makefile 0.3%