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Cross platform GUI in Go based on Material Design

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Fyne is an easy to use UI toolkit and app API written in Go. It is designed to build applications that run on desktop and mobile devices with a single codebase.

Version 1.3 is the current release - it introduced file dialogs, notifications and cross platform data management as well as the Accordion, TextGrid and SplitContainer widgets. We are now working towards 2.0 which aims to add data bindings, animations and more!


To develop apps using Fyne you will need Go version 1.12 or later, a C compiler and your system's development tools. If you're not sure if that's all installed or you don't know how then check out our Getting Started document.

Using the standard go tools you can install Fyne's core library using:

$ go get

Widget demo

To run a showcase of the features of Fyne execute the following:

$ go get
$ fyne_demo

And you should see something like this (after you click a few buttons):

Fyne Hello Light Theme

Or if you are using the light theme:

Fyne Hello Light Theme

Getting Started

Fyne is designed to be really easy to code with. If you have followed the prerequisite steps above then all you need is a Go IDE (or a text editor).

Open a new file and you're ready to write your first app!

package main

import (

func main() {
	app := app.New()

	w := app.NewWindow("Hello")
		widget.NewLabel("Hello Fyne!"),
		widget.NewButton("Quit", func() {


And you can run that simply as:

go run main.go

It should look like this:

Fyne Hello Dark Theme

Note that Windows applications load from a command prompt by default, which means if you click an icon you may see a command window. To fix this add the parameters -ldflags -H=windowsgui to your run or build commands.


More documentation is available at the Fyne developer website or on


You can find many example applications in the examples repository. Alternatively a list of applications using fyne can be found at our website.

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Cross platform GUI in Go based on Material Design



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