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Get a txt message at your phone every time you use your Monzo card.

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Sends txt messages using Twilio's API every time you use your Monzo card for payments.

Quick how-to

For deploying to Heroku have a look at the Heroku branch

  1. First you need to own a Monzo card.

  2. Install Go at your machine.

  3. Get the source code with go get

  4. Create a webhook using Monzo's API pointing to your URL.

  5. Create a Twilio Account.

  6. Grab your Twilio's credentials, configure Twilio with your $EDITOR and you're ready to go:

    $ cp twilio/config.json.sample twilio/config.json
    $ $EDITOR config.json


The configuration file contains JSON. The following keys can be defined and all are required:

  • APIURL – To send a new outgoing message, make an HTTP POST to your Messages list resource URI.
  • From – A Twilio phone number for the type of message you wish to send.
  • To – The destination phone number.
  • Username – Basic HTTP Auth username.
  • Password – Basic HTTP Auth password.

Project Purpose

The original motivation for creating this project was firstly to be able to get notified every time I use my Monzo card in case I don't have access to the internet through my phone and second to learn the Go language.


Get a txt message at your phone every time you use your Monzo card.


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