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Language Server Protocol support for Sublime Text 3

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Universal Language Server support for Sublime Text 3 using the Language Server Protocol.


  • Hover
  • Completions
  • Go to document symbol
  • Go to symbol definition
  • Find symbol references
  • Diagnostics
  • Code Actions

Tested against language servers for javascript/typescript, python, c/c++ (clangd), scala (dotty), rust, reason. See for available implementations


Rich hover support from js/ts language server

hover screenshot

Cycle through diagnostics shown in output panel with F4. Code actions supplied by tslint language server plugin, applied by super+.

diagnostics screenshot


Releases are published as LSP in Package Control.

To run latest master:

  1. Clone this repository into your Packages directory
  2. Run Package Control: Satisfy Dependencies


Documentation is available at or in the docs directory


Language Server Protocol support for Sublime Text 3

License:MIT License


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