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Estimate - Planning Poker for Azure Boards

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Update 3/18/2020: As stated below, I do not work on the Azure Boards team anymore, and as of now I don't have time to maintain this extension.

Azure Boards Estimate


Update 9/18/19: I don't work on the Azure Boards team anymore so I'll have less time to work on this extension. If you want to send a PR I'll gladly review and merge it.

Developing and Testing

To test your work, first follow these steps to set up a DevOps marketplace publisher account (if you already have an account move on).

  1. Run npm run package-dev and upload the package as a private extension to your Azure DevOps publisher account

Note: You may need to add a directory called build to the project root when running the script. The output of the package-dev script is there.

  • Be sure to update the manifest.json to use your publisher's ID before running the script.
  1. Install the private extension on your Azure DevOps oragnization and test your changes.

Upgrading to current version

When upgrading from the first version, you need to approve additional OAuth scopes:


Estimate - Planning Poker for Azure Boards

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