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Is there a fastlane action for getting build details from testflight?

SumanDas94 opened this issue · comments

Discussed in #20349

Originally posted by SumanDas94 June 3, 2022
Currently we can use latest_testflight_build_number to get the latest TestFlight build number
We have a use case where we would need the version numbers present in TestFlight or even better the latest actual version present in TestFlight
The closest thing i got is fastlane pilot builds but this can't be used directly in the fastfile I believe and it needs the apple account password to be given as input.
Is there an action present or any in the roadmap which can get me the existing TestFlight versions or latest TestFlight version via the fastfile

It seems like you have not included the output of fastlane env
To make it easier for us help you resolve this issue, please update the issue to include the output of fastlane env 👍

Existing latest_testflight_build_number action provide both values build version and build number.

You should be able to fetch both values using the something like below code and we don't need another action or something to fetch the version.

  lane :fetch_latest_testflight_build_version_and_number do
    latest_testflight_build_number # you can provides more input params, if required.

    latest_build_version = lane_context[SharedValues::LATEST_TESTFLIGHT_VERSION]
    latest_build_number = lane_context[SharedValues::LATEST_TESTFLIGHT_BUILD_NUMBER]

    UI.important("The latest build number #{latest_build_number} of the latest version: #{latest_build_version}")
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