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Can't find s3 object with nuke command

iaia opened this issue · comments

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s3_object_prefix is not reflected even if specified, and certificate download fails. = Storage.for_mode(params[:storage_mode], {
git_url: params[:git_url],
shallow_clone: params[:shallow_clone],
skip_docs: params[:skip_docs],
git_branch: params[:git_branch],
git_full_name: params[:git_full_name],
git_user_email: params[:git_user_email],
git_private_key: params[:git_private_key],
git_basic_authorization: params[:git_basic_authorization],
git_bearer_authorization: params[:git_bearer_authorization],
clone_branch_directly: params[:clone_branch_directly],
google_cloud_bucket_name: params[:google_cloud_bucket_name].to_s,
google_cloud_keys_file: params[:google_cloud_keys_file].to_s,
google_cloud_project_id: params[:google_cloud_project_id].to_s,
s3_region: params[:s3_region].to_s,
s3_access_key: params[:s3_access_key].to_s,
s3_secret_access_key: params[:s3_secret_access_key].to_s,
s3_bucket: params[:s3_bucket].to_s,
team_id: params[:team_id] || Spaceship::ConnectAPI.client.portal_team_id

Command executed
Complete output when running fastlane, including the stack trace and command used



It seems like you have not included the output of fastlane env
To make it easier for us help you resolve this issue, please update the issue to include the output of fastlane env 👍

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I have fixed it. #20344
Waiting for it to be merged and released.

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