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Command line tool to parse xccoverage files

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xcov-core is a command line tool that parses Xcode .xccoverage files.


Simply run xcov-core supplying the path to your .xccoverage file and the path to the json output file that will contain the resulting coverage report.

$ xcov-core -s build/EasyPeasy.xccoverage -o report.json -x /Applications/

Parameters allowed

  • --source -s: Path to the .xccoverage file.
  • --output -o: Path to the resulting .json file.
  • --ide-foundation-path -x: Full path to IDEFoundation binary.
  • --version -v: Display version.
  • --help -h: Display this help.


xcov-core is the binary that powers xcov, a Ruby gem that eases the creation of beauty HTML coverage reports and its integration with CI environments.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

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Command line tool to parse xccoverage files

License:MIT License


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