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Emails received from Jenkins job is not having test run details

manishmittal79 opened this issue · comments

Details of the requirements:

trainer: Installed using gem and not using fastlane.
CI: Jenkins

To convert xcodebuild output to xml I am using trainer tool.

I have a test suite of 20 test cases written in swift using XCTest UITesting and setup a jenkins job to run the suite. The job runs on scheduled time and send an Email to the recipients. But, when I received the Email, the email is empty.
I am using Email-plugin for jenkins that uses xml file generated by job and uses jelly script to send the Emails in html/text format.
When I am checking console output of test job, it is nicely formatted.

xcodebuild -workspace ../../NYTimes.xcworkspace -scheme "$scheme" -sdk "$1" -destination "$2" -derivedDataPath $3 test
run trainer --path ../NYTimesUITests/test-output/Logs/Test -e .xml --output ../NYTimesUITests/Scripts/build/reports

In first line above, using test-output for 3 and it is generating the test output in the workspace path.
In second line I am running trainer to specify the path where to find the derived data path and it should convert the output to xml at desired location.

Please help me in resolving this issue. I already had a Email discussion with Felix and as suggested i am creating this github issue.

I know I am missing something but not able to figure it out.
I am attaching screenshots here.

email example from appium python test run
email example from xctest run
screen shot 2016-10-18 at 10 07 44 am

The first screenshot is from appium python test running on the same slave machine.
The second screenshot is the one I am facing issue.
The third one is from jenkins post build action.

Please let know if any further information is required.
I am attaching shell script uitestrun in text format.