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Convert xcodebuild plist and xcresult files to JUnit reports

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Attachments support

jeremy-w opened this issue · comments

Some CI environments are capable of surfacing test attachments alongside the test report. XCTest supports attachments, so supporting viewing those attachments in the test reports would be fabulous. Supporting the known environments would seem to require dumping the attachments from the test results file format into images in a structured directory tree and adding a format option to massage the test results into NUnit 3 format in addition to the default of the JUnit report format.

Known CI Environments Supporting Test Attachments


Jenkins support for test attachments is available using the JUnit Attachments plugin. It can correlate files in a directory tree named to match the test tree and display them together.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines relies on NUnit output format support to surface test attachments. The attachments can then be accessed from a tab when the test failure info is pulled up.

GitLab CI also now supports screenshot attachment references for JUnit test reports: