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Convert xcodebuild plist and xcresult files to JUnit reports

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lyricsboy opened this issue · comments

I'm using:

  • trainer 0.2.0
  • fastlane 1.99.0
  • scan 0.10.1

When attempting to run trainer within fastlane, I get the following error:

fastlane-plugin-trainer-0.2.0/lib/fastlane/plugin/trainer/actions/trainer_action.rb:7:in `run': [!] uninitialized constant Fastlane::Actions::SharedValues::SCAN_GENERATED_PLIST_FILE (NameError)

Does this code depend on a version of something newer that I don't have? What could be the issue here?

Updating to fastlane 1.100.0 and scan 0.11.2 resolved the issue for me.

Thanks for letting me know - seems like the dependency wasn't properly updated