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Add support for test failure formatting

FabienLydoire opened this issue · comments


The JUnit XML file format is not standardised across the heterogeneous testing tools.
In particular, the failure node is parsed in different ways by different tools although it's a critical component of the test report.

To solve this problem I propose to introduce formatting options.

  • f : file_name
  • l : line_number
  • m : message

trainer -assert_message_format "m (f:l)"
<failure message="the assert message (file_name:12)"/>

trainer -assert_message_format "m" -failure_string_format "f:l"
<failure message="the assert message">file_name:12</failure>

To cover even more situations, we could also add the failure type (But I don't think it's managed by the current version of the code).

What do you think ?