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[Android] Espresso / UIAutomatorTest cannot access WebView

anh1979 opened this issue · comments

Error in mainActivityTest(
▸ No views in hierarchy found matching: WebView with JS enabled
▸ View Hierarchy...

Please could you provide a rich example of how to access IONIC app components from within the UIAutomator test. To be able to navigate inside the app ...
And perhaps add some documentation about how to write and debug your tests in Android Studio. I managed to get that working some months ago, but now something broke and I didn't manage to get it working again.

thx in advance,

We're in the same boat then - it's quite some time since I last used this. It's on my list of projects to revisit and improve, but currently my projects don't need it - so it is very low on the list of things to do unfortunately (unless someone comes forward and pays me to do so of course).

Let me see if I can find an old project using this...